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Laser Stripping
2018-05-29 10:56:00

Laser Stripping


The laser is programmed to maximize absorption of the laser beam by the contaminated (paint, scale) material. This typically results in the substrate material (metal, plastic, ceramic), reflect most of the laser energy leaving a clean stripped surface. Due to their high reflection factor, metallic surfaces are especially suitable for laser cleaning. Typically, the substrate is not mechanically or thermally stressed or stained by the laser stripping process. The process converts the stripped contaminate to particles and vapor which are automatically removed by the Laser Stripping Systems vacuum filtration system.

Advantages of Laser Stripping:

  • Improved Quality
  • Less labor intensive
  • Improved throughput
  • No secondary waste
  • Lower health risk
  • Low noise and dust
  • Easy to automate
  • Lower consumable and disposal costs
  • PVDF coating removal Application

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