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WUHAN KING'S LASER CO., LTD  located at Sintec industrial park, Optics Valley, Wuhan China , we specialized in design, R&D, and production of laser machines in the field of laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting and laser welding. 

Since foundation, with strict management and innovative spirit, we have successfully developed a number of advanced expertise. Our products include laser marking machine,laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, as well as the whole set of production solutions designed for clients. 

Currently, our products have been exported to India, S Korea, Pakistan, Spain, Slovenia, Russia, Italy, France, Chile, Argentina and more. They are widely used in electronic components, manufacturing, machinery, internal combustion engines, auto parts, medicine, food, household industrial and defense industries. We not only provide clients with excellent satisfying equipments but also timely lifetime service, like technical advice and after-sales service. We are glad to cooperate with the clients from all over the world.

Our Motto

Superior Quality, Competitive Pricing, Professional Service

Our Mission

Our purpose is to develop solutions to solve engineering problems using laser technology.
We connect our competencies as laser specialists to create solutions for academia and industry.

Our Philosophy

Creative and open work environment

Laser Marking Machine
Fiber Laser Marking Machine
CO2 Laser Marking Machine
3D Laser Marking Machine
UV Laser Marking Machine
Autonatic Laser Marking Machine
Gold Laser Cutting Engraving
Laser Cutting Machine
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Welding Machine
Laser Spot Welding Machine
Fiber Laser Welding Machine
Mold Laser Welding Machine
Laser Cleaning Machine
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